Providing Adult Service to Novice, Amateur and the Elite

Out door physical activity


With our qualified fitness instructor you are bound to have fun, sweat and loss some pounds where necessary

Body Massage and Aroma Therapy

Body Massage and Aroma Therapy

Full or half body session of body massagae 

Love to Move and strenght and conditioning


Chair based exercise!

Our specialist  utilise a specific physical activities that strengthen and condition the upper, middle and lower part of the body.  This also help maintain and increas muscle endurance. 

Promoting current deals


We are running a holiday programme with weekly special discount. 

The DysLetic Programme


For The Learning Differently!

This new intervention helps stimulate and enhance physical fitness, general wellbeing, cognitive skills health, self-expression and social interaction while developing social skills, boosting confidence and self-esteem. It also helps maintain a functional, healthy body, improved musculoskeletal and enriched cardiovascular fitness, and most of all helps in minimising the rate and risk of cardiovascular disease 

Road Runners, we are ready when you are!


Our walk, jog to run a 5k group are great fun and to make friends. Join us for an amazing fun session. call or emil