we already produced great success in the month of january



owns the women's 800 meter invitational race with Silver! It's a season best of 2:07.41 for our youth ambassador.  Katy-Ann McDonald closes strong and takes second with a PR of 2:07.41 to rank 9th in NCAA.



our Begin2sport Tennis player is also competing in Norway in the ITF Tournament-We have been very busy and all our athletes are striving in Home and Away!!



Our young athlete stood her ground to qualify into the championship final and fought persistently during the final and took fifth position.  Well done!!

Begin2sports One Day course to Tennis Avenue Academy (dec)

Exploring the power of essential oil


The Aromatherapy Session is definitely the highlight of our young tennis players rest days! After non-stop hard work and playing tennis during the week, this fun, inclusive, beneficial activity is the best way to make great use of a day off. Sampling, Smelling and choosing the very best oil for individual remedies

Working Lunch


During the debate, discussion and identification of benefits of essential oil, and to the fact that the Players were having fun they decided to call it a working lunch

Gentle /Easy Long Run


After exploring some of the activities which included smelling and the discussion of essential oils,  the use of essential oils in sports injury prevention, healthy eating and well-being the players went to the field to put the theory of breathing into practice

look out for our new Gymletics and dysletics program


The players finished the Rest-day  one day course visiting the local swimming pool. what a fantastic day! 

Begin2Sports Group enjoyed teaching these enthusiast, talented and  hard working athletes from Tennis Avenue Academy.

Team Bonding game


At the end of the theory sessions the players took to the park where they physically practiced all the theory activities. they all had a great time

Fun in the Park


After the athletes had fun in the park, they had an encounter with Mr. Stretchy, and Mr. Stretchy encouraged the importance of stretching after any physical activities.

After School Club Programs- Coming Soon! Jan 15 2019


GymLetics and AthLetic After School Club

Finally! It Happening!!

Celebrating our first ever Gymletic Intervention Programme in school 

Venue @ FalconBrook Primary school

Please join our exciting new program starting in the New Year

First Term Of The Year

Start date - Tuesday 15 January 2019

Time - 6 pm -7 pm

Location -Falconbrook Primary School

Wye Street,

Wandsworth, Battersea


SW11 2LX


GymLetics and Athletics After School Club.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.

consultation/brain storm-for "Fun2Run" project

Junior athletes discussing New Project


Our begin2Sports consortium was a success. Athletes and parents had a fantastic discussion about our intention to developing new production

Collection of Names


athletes came up with 15 project names, which were reduced to five. We have  announced it so everybody know and are  excited about it.

Second Meeting with Parent, Local Residents and athletes


Our athletes and local residents are raving about us on social media. Share ar follow our story on their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Ambassador, Parents and the Athletes meet to celebrate New Fun2Run Project


 Definitely promoting our new peer project if successful we will be adverting here , the local paper and leaflets ets. please look out for further details. we are  excited about getting this project running.

Sharing the Big Energy Food


We have added a new service to our service. We do not want keep it to ourselves, so we are letting our let folks know.

look out for FUN2RUN PROJECT coming soon!!

Parents celebrating selection of "FUN2RUN"


Awesome sunny day with parent 

Our Ambassador's journey to IAAF World championship

Race For The Qualifying Time!! South of England Championship June 10


Winning and becoming the South of England Champion was the beginning of her race to the 2018 IAAf World Championship in July 

England Athletics Championship and World Champ Trial June 17


Fighting for a qualification time for the iaaf world championship at the England Athletics Championship. Apart from the physical fitness, achieving the time demand maturity, motivation, focus and mental and psychological fitness

Attainning the World Championship Qualifying Time June 23


Finally got the qualifying time with a Personal Best of 2:04 at the Loughborough BMC Grand Prix 

Final IAAF World Championship "Tampere Finland"


This is any athletes dream come through. Our ambassador was well focused and composed. The begin2Sport mentors and psychologist supported her all the way to the Final. 

Meeting and signing of Autograph with her Fans


Awesome experience!! show a great maturity throughout the championship and into qualifying to the world championship Final with another Personal Best of 2.03.  Amazing! 

Sacred Heart Athletic Club and Begin2Sports Group



Test Text


In December 2017 our Young Sports Ambassador Katy-Ann McDonald visited the Sacred Heart RC Primary School's Athletic Club in Battersea. 

Katy-Ann joined the training for the day and provided mentoring on how to train smarter instead of spending more energy.


Katy-Ann discussed eating well and self respect with the kids. 

Then she shared her accomplishments with the kids and how she prepares for competitions.

(1) Our Mentoring Scheme and Their Performances

2017 Winner of Little Mo Single Tennis International Florida Tournament


Alexandra McDonald smashed her (USTA) first American competition (Internationals) "Little Mo"in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida taking the WIN for the Single Girls 13 year old. This competition features boys and girls aged 8-13 from around the world.

Alexandra (Above and Right), after winning the tough and challenging Single match went onto smash the Double too! 

2017 Winner of Little Mo Double Tennis International Florida Tournament


Alexandra also competed in the Orange Bowls - Eddie Herr International Junior Championship competition 2017.

Eddie Herr is one of the most famous and toughest junior championships. It draws the best tennis players from around the world. Alexandra went full out and ended just shy of entering the quarter finals.  

Congratulations Alexandra McDonald for a great performance!

Out and About With Our Young Talented Footballers

A fine and fantastic play by Dayshawn Watson-Obi, age 10.


 An excellent game with the under 11s Team at Penhill Sidcup was lot of crowds came to see two talented under 11s team played. 

The Meridian Sports FC boys played away Vs. Junior Red Titan in Penhill Park Sidcup. The Junior Red Titan claimed this game to be one of their toughest competition.

The tight game keeps coming with no sign of both team surrender. Meridian Sports FC played beautifully, but the game ends up in 0-0.

 An excellent and fantastic play by Dayshawn Watson-Obi age 10, who played well in all his angle and supporting his team. Great job Day-Shawn 

Jan '18

Dec' 2018- End of term review

Our youngest athlete say it the way it is!!

5 ways to Boost your Immune System

1. Eat Well



Nourishment is key, for keep your body in a good state that helps to battle disease. The most ideal approach to improve immune system resistance during the winter period, is to ensure your eating regimen is loaded with natural products, vegetables and other supplements when necessary.

2. Get Moving



Physical activity has been found to support the microscopic organisms in the gut, which can enable the immune system to work more productively. Attempting a blend of cardiovascular exercise such as strolling, running, cycling, yoga and Pilates etc. for 30 minutes, five days per week will be beneficial. For a similar effect three episodes of 10 minutes exercise per day would also be advantageous. 

3. Take it Easy



When your immune system is compromised and you are feeling run down, you are twice as likely to pick up infections. In general, eating well, resting, and exercising on a regular basis is fundamental for everyone and especially to the older adult. 

4. Cover Up



During the cold season and at any other time viruses can spread from person to person. Infection may enter through an individual's body through the eyes, nose or mouth. In order to minimise the spread of infection, it is advisable to keep away from individuals with a cold virus and it is vital to wash hands consistently during the day and to abstain from touching the face area after touching surfaces.

5. Herbal Help


Certain vitamins and minerals are a key element in maintaining a strong immune system. Particularly vitamins A, B12, B6, C and D, and minerals copper, folate, iron, selenium and zinc help maintain a healthy body.

Echinacea is a conventional natural cure that could help builds the numbers of  platelets which is one of the blood cell in the body. Abnormality of platelets and white blood cells could be signs of disease or illness.


Sacred Heart School Running Club SMASHED IT!!

Supported by Coach Addy at the Mini Marathon Trial at Battersea Park 

We our very proud of our boys

Competing against very experienced runners, our runners beat a vast amount of participants despite having only six weeks training! 


None of us can wait for next time, Keep training boys :)