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  We provide specialist physical activities and health and wellbeing  Programs to primary and secondary schools including University, Individual Participants, Sport Clubs, Private and Public Organisation, social service referrals and the Elderly Care Home.  These specialist programs use Biomechanical analyses, physiological  and psychological testing and  Performance Analyses, concepts and dimensions to deliver a sophisticated type of physical activity.  The services we provide include GymLetics, DysLetics, Football, Athletics, Tennis, Nutrition and Healthy Eating Classes, Introduction to Gym Classes, children keep fit classes, Body and Sport Massage, Personal Fitness Training and Gym instructor, Personal and Sport Counselling, Performance Analysis, Anthropometric measurements and Lifestyle and  Life-Skills Coaching etc.. We also provide Mentoring service to support participants,  advocate with or on behalf of participants and Confidante service. 

Specialist Needs Services


   Our inspiration, qualified and specialist coaches also provide group or 1-2-1 physical activity to Dyslexic and dyspraxia participants. Using individual set goals while creating fun environment    

We also provide Mentoring service to support participants, advocate with or on behalf of participants

Specialist Needs for older Adult with any physical abilities


  Specialist service: Social Services: The Elderly physical mobility therapy, reminiscence, massages, group or one 2 one physical activity, upper and lower limb hip and joint flexor exercise, personal fitness instructor/trainer, nutrition, cookery and healthy eating classes    

  Participant well-being:  We also provide Mentoring service to support and engage participants, talking therapy and advocate with or on behalf of participants and Hospice biograghy.    

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gymletics fun!

So what ACTUALLY IS Gymletics ?!

Gymletics was invented by Coach Addy with the aim to create something new, fresh and fun. 

It fuses together the physical, high intensity aerobic aspects of athletics, while at the same time, concentrating on building up strength and flexibility and learning new gymnastics positions.

Focusing on solely running without implementing the core fundamentals of basic strength and flexibility is proven to be detrimental to the human body, especially on children of a young age. 

This awareness made Coach Addy keen to apply principles of gymnastics to alleviate strain on the muscles and joints that could develop if the body is not strong enough.  

We also focus greatly on children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyspraxia as these learning disabilities often negatively impact agility, balance and coordination. Therefore, we aim to improve these three skills through the participation of gymletics. 

The short term aim of gymletics is simple - for the children to have lots of fun and learn new, cool skills. 

The long term aim is equally valuable in that it will help to build flexibility and strength in each young athlete, therefore reducing the risk of injury in the future. 


Our Team

Mentoring, Fitness and Wellness


  • Sports Coaching Scientist
  • Qualified England Athletic Coaches
  • Qualified FA Coach
  • Personal and Sport Counselling
  • Life-Skills Coaching/Mentoring

Nutritionist & Healthy Eating


  • Sport Massage Therapist
  • Hospice Biography editor
  • Nutritionist
  • Personal Fitness Instructor for the Elderly
  • Diversional Therapist
  • Anthropometry - Skin-fold measurement.
  • Healthy Eating

Lifestyle, Life Skills & Mentor


  • Gym Instructor
  • Personal fitness trainer 
  • Personal/family Counselling 
  • Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Personal Fitness Instructor


Sportlight-begin2sports group ambassador

Katy-Ann McDonald - Ranked #1 in the World for 800m Age 16 category

Our Young Sports Ambassador is Katy-Ann McDonald. Katy-Ann is from Wandsworth, London and aged 17. She is passionate and dedicated to the world of sport. In this role Katy-Ann does outreach work with other young people interested in sport. Katy-Ann visits local schools to support and motivate current and upcoming athletes particularly in Wandsworth. As an ambassador, she is a role model for good sportsmanship. Katy-Ann was also the 2016/17 Wandsworth Sports-person.

Katy-Ann is a full-time student at Putney High School studying A Levels as well as excelling in athletics. Katy-Ann has been a middle and long-distance runner since she was 12. When not studying or training Katy-Ann likes to go shopping with her friends, visit art galleries, and see live music.

Katy-Ann visits local athletics club

Katy-Ann visited the Sacred Heart RC Primary School Athletics Club. She trained with the club, gave advice to improve performance and spoke to the club about the importance of being a team and good sportsmanship.

our athletes and performers review

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European Team championship


We are proud of our young player qualifying for GB Team

Biomechanics Analysis


Body M.O.T

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Year Team leader won by our youth ambassedor


well done

our beginners GemLetics & Athletics Group are learning and having fun at a fast rate


GymLetics and Athletics are new specialist physical activity intervention for children of all ages. It perfect if you want us to teach your child how to use there body in many different ways. We combine all six element fitness. Our Intervention helps stimulate and enhance physical fitness and general well being

Next Level Coach allowed me to set up and coach today, fun!!

Begin2Sports Group Academy: Part of our Life-Skill Teaching Through Sports 


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Group appreciation

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Begin2sports One Day course with the Tennis Avenue Academy

Exploring the power of essential oil


The Aromatherapy Session is definitely the highlight of our young tennis players rest days! After non-stop hard work and playing tennis during the week, this fun, inclusive, beneficial activity is the best way to make great use of a day off. Sampling, Smelling and choosing the very best oil for individual remedies

Working Lunch


During the debate, discussion and identification of benefits of essential oil, and to the fact that the Players were having fun they decided to call it a working lunch

Gentle /Easy Long Run


After exploring some of the activities which included smelling and discussion about the essential oils, and the use of essential oils in sports injury prevention, healthy eating and well-being the players took to the field to put the theory of breathing into practice

look out for our new Gymletics and dysletics program


The players finished the Rest-day  one day course visiting the local swimming pool. what a fantastic day! 

Begin2Sports Group enjoyed teaching these enthusiast, talented and  hard working athletes from Tennis Avenue Academy.

Team Bonding game


At the end of the theory sessions the players to took to the park where they physically practiced all the theory activities. they all had a great time

Fun in the Park


Flexibility and stretching

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