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 Our specialist programs use Biomechanics, physiology and psychological testing, concepts and dimensions to deliver a sophisticated type of physical activity. The Athletics, DysLetics and GymLetics courses use the philosophy and principle of athletics, gymnasium and gymnastics ethics to create athleticism, stimulation, and fun for all ages Our intervention helps stimulate and enhance physical fitness,  general wellbeing, cognitive skills, health, and self-expression while  developing social skills, boosting confidence and self-esteem. It also  helps maintain a functional, healthy body, and improves musculoskeletal  and enriched cardiovascular fitness. Most of all it helps in minimising  the rate and risk of cardiovascular disease.

At the Begin2Sports Group we have a sport coaching scientist, a nutritionist, qualified England athletic coaches, and specific sports Specialists working with us to make a positive input towards health and well being in local communities and to British sport. 

Our goal is to achieve this by delivering the awareness and benefits of physical activities through sports programs for children and adults with any ability. We aim to use a diverse coaching style to deliver our activities, while also, teaching lifestyle and lifeskills through sport

Our specialist coaches also provide one to one or group activities for those who struggle with dyslexic and dyspraxia. 

How We Can Help You


We provide specialist and fundamental health and well-being programs to all who are willing to take part. Our main clients include primary and secondary school children, university students, sports clubs, private and public organizations, and the Elderly Care Home. Some examples of the activities we provide are; Athletics, Gym-Letics, Football, Tennis and Swimming. Along with physical teaching Begin2Sport offer nutrition and healthy eating classes, introduction to gym classes, sport massages, personal fitness training, personal and sport counselling, performance analysis and life coaching, particularly for those who have neurodiverse-learning such as dyslexia. Our specialist services include: Social Services and The Elderly-physical mobility therapy. 

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At Begin2Sports group our main mission is to minimise sedentary activity and to provide fun, stimulating physical activities to every child, teen, and adult within the community. By promoting a healthy life-style, we hope you can pick up life skills through exercise whilst contributing towards the popularity of British sport.