Mental Health for Adults


While we primarily focus on the physical wellbeing of our adult participants, we also know how important the mental wellbeing of our participants is. We want all of our participants to be able to get the mental health support that they need while taking part in our programmes.

Keeping an active and healthy lifestyle has been proven to help mental wellbeing. The ‘feel-good’ chemicals in our brain, also known as endorphins, are released during physical activities which in turn helps to improve mood and energy levels. It can even help those struggling with sleep issues, which in turn helps improving overall wellbeing.

Our older participants are more likely to feel the effects of loneliness and isolation which causes depression and anxiety. With this in mind we aim to create programmes that help our adult participants with their mental wellbeing through exposure to sports, exercise and by creating a safe environment to talk about the challenges that they face in their daily life. 

We care about the mental wellbeing of every participant, and we are here to listen! 

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