What is GymLetics?

GymLetics was created by Coach Addy, who wanted to create a fun and dynamic program to help children maintain a positive lifelong relationship with strength and flexibility. With GymLetics we aim to fuse together the high-intensity aerobic aspects pf athletics with gymnastics to help build strength and flexibility in an easy and engaging way. While exercises such as running are extremely beneficial for children’s health and wellbeing, not implementing the core fundamentals of strength and flexibility is proven to be detrimental to the human body especially for young children as their bodies are growing and developing. Concentrating solely on athletics can also create a negative relationship with exercise for children. 

With over 20 years of experience, Coach Addy applied the principles of gymnastics to her GymLetics program to help alleviate strain on muscles and joints in young athletes and help them strengthen their bodies. 

With our program we particularly focus on children with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, as these learning disabilities often negatively impact agility, balance, and coordination. Therefore, with our GymLetics program we aim to help children not only strengthen their bodies for other physical activities such as running but we also aim to help children develop their agility, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Through our program we have seen these skills vastly improve in our participants with learning disabilities. 

Our Mind2Health programme that includes GymLetics is run every Wednesday! Find more details in bookings!

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